Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, we all have questions.

How can I pay for my transformation?

Payments can be made with credit card or debit cards, Paypal and Facebook Messenger. Health reimbursement cards and flex spending accounts are also accepted. Please email at when you are ready to sign up and an invoice will be sent.

* A 3% Service Fee will be added to all Credit Card transactions.

Can I pay with a health spending account or flexible benefits?

Yes!  Payments can be made with credit card or debit cards, Paypal and Facebook Messenger but also a Health reimbursement card or flex spending accounts! Any questions email Jill at

Do I need to meet with you to start the program? Do I need to see you for weekly check ins?

No. All communication is done online via email or text.

Will my pictures or personal information be posted to the B3 Fitness website or social media?

NO! All information and pictures are kept private. No information or pictures will be posted or shared unless you give specific consent to allow for it.

What is the "Check in protocol"?

The check in protocol is a way for me to track how your transformation is progressing and to help me plan your macros/meals and workouts for the following week.  It consists of a picture of your current weight (picture of the scale) as well as a full front, side, and back picture of your body.  Preferably in shorts for men, shorts and a sports bra for women.

Since we will not be meeting face to face it is important for me to see not only how your weight is progressing but also how your body has changed since the last check in.

Please ensure scale weight pictures and body pictures are taken at the same time first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything.  Then send them all together via text or email on the day we’ve setup as your check in day.

What are macros and how do I learn to track them?

Macronutrients are your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. These nutrients are what make up
the caloric content of food. This is how we get energy. Fat provides 9 calories per gram while carbohydrates and protein supply 4 calories per gram. This is how we figure out the calories in a food source. I will give you these numbers as well as total calories each week. These are your target numbers. You will learn to track these amounts on the My Fitness Pal Upgraded Version($50 per year). When you reach your goal weight, you will be independent with tracking
these targets so weight loss is maintained!

What will I be eating?

You will be healthy and nutrient dense foods that you enjoy! Examples are chicken, ground turkey, lean ground beef, steak, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, salads, nuts, vegetables, fruit, rice, protein shakes, eggs, egg whites and beans. If you don’t like something, don’t worry! You won’t have to eat it. We will tailor your custom program to foods that you enjoy! You will need a food scale to measure out portions.

Once you are in Phase two, you will be able to enjoy a night out a restaurant and your
occasional cocktail, too! We just need to be sure that it is factored in to your program

If you have any dietary restrictions, we will work around them. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan options are all available!

How hard are the workouts?

The training is adjusted to your fitness level. Never been in a gym? No problem. We can do home workouts with bands and dumbbells. Want to join a gym? Beginner machine workouts will work! Been lifting for years? I have a challenging lifting program for you!

Cardio is TWO days a week. No running necessary!(unless you enjoy it). Brisk walking, elliptical, swimming, biking, stair stepper, arc trainer are all acceptable methods. Cardio requires you to get your heart rate up a little (65% of max). It starts at 30 minutes in month one. A daily step
target is also set so a pedometer is required. Amazon has some for $30(LETSCOM Fitness Tracker). No need for anything fancy.

What happens if I cannot eat 5-6 meals a day?

You can combine a meal or two if your schedule requires it as long as you do not skip meals!

Do you offer refunds?

Once payment is made, there are no refunds given.  

Should I consult my doctor before my transformation?

B3 Fitness encourges you to check with your doctor before starting any new nutrition and/or exercise program.  B3 Fitness is not liable for any injuries or health issues incurred during the duration or after the program is completed.

Will my personal training package or transformation program expire?

Please ensure that if you sign up for one of our personal training packages or transformation programs that you intend on completing them.  All unused packages and programs will expire after 6 months.


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Jill Lenzen PT,DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Nutrition Specialist